Build in public.
Easily & fearlessly.

Microbrave is how the best makers and founders easily compose their build-in-public updates.

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Small steps for big impact

Building in public is a foolproof strategy for makers and founders to cultivate community, get user feedback regularly, and stay accountable. But it can be scary too — you don't know how to start or have anxieties about being vulnerable and facing judgement. We've been there too, and we're here to help. 

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Create effortlessly

Easily compose quick build-in-public updates, with prompts and pre-filled templates doing the heavy lifting while you focus on building.

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Share confidently

Use curated tips and examples from the build-in-public community to personalise your updates and tell your story authentically.

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Build habits for life

All habits start small. Keep motivated with our tools and community resources, guiding you from 0 to 1 on your build-in-public journey.

Feedback in the wild

Check out just a few early feedback tweets (and see the expanded Wall of Love)
Tweet templates
Curated tips
Inspiring examples

How it works

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Choose your Microbrave style

Get access to our categorised library of templates to keep that writer's (or should we say Tweeter's) block at bay. Want to post an announcement for your feature launch? ✅ Done. Got an ask for expert leads? ✅ Done. New categories and templates will also be added regularly.

Use the tips & examples

Each template contains a customisable template as the starting point for your Microbrave, with curated tips and example tweets from the build-in-public community. Use these as inspiration to tell your story authentically.

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Screengrab of an editable template in our toolkit

Edit & copy the template

Once you've edited a template and crafted your Microbrave, you're ready to send. Copy and paste it over to your Twitter to share bravely with your community. Social integrations and tracking coming soon!

Roars on building in public

I discovered that the upsides to build-in-public are unlimited. By consistently writing & sharing insights with others, I've seen a lot of engagement on my tweets and have attracted many like-minded people into my orbit!

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Janel Loi
No-Code Associate, On Deck

Why is there a rise of "build-in-public" creators/founders? The simple answer is since it's the new hot 🔥 thing. The deeper answer is it allows transparency and storytelling. People love stories, especially when they are unfolding literally in front of their own eyes.

KP Avatar
Program Director, On Deck

Be Microbrave every day

Microbrave is how the best makers and founders compose, post, and track their build-in-public updates.

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