A list of most of the Microbrave updates as we make them.

26 Mar 2021

  • Added a 10 day free trial for new signups, based on feedback.

20 Mar 2021

  • Planning ways to integrate a community element into our platform – more details coming soon.

19 Mar 2021

  • General UI/UX design refinements from feedback, including visual feedback on the template Copy button.

17 Mar 2021

  • Created Rewardful account, to explore ways to reward our early supporters’ loyalty.

14 Mar 2021

  • Added a character counter and emoticon library to the template editing box.

12 Mar 2021

08 Mar 2021

  • Published our Changelog (this page) & Metrics page to support our own #buildinpublic process and share our progress.

06 Mar 2021

  • More improvements to the dashboard and templates UI based on feedback from our customers.

05 Mar 2021

  • Fixed a bug which prevented the "Switch to Growl Plan" button from showing on the Pricing page.

03 Mar 2021

  • Started making improvements to the website & app based on feedback from our amazing early adopters (thank you again!).

02 Mar 2021

  • Added a "Demo" page to the website to allow people at the pre-signup stage to try-before-they-buy!

01 Mar 2021

  • Added a newsletter form to the website to help people to learn more about Microbrave and what we are up to.

26 Feb 2021

  • Added a website Chat feature to help with support questions from our early adopters and now, customers on the paid plan.

25 Feb 2021

  • Added the Wall of Love page to the website to S/O to all our lovely Twitter followers for their positive comments.

24 Feb 2021

  • Closed off our FREE "Pride Plan" with 400 early adopters on board gathered in 3 days.
  • Launched our first paid plan called the "Growl Plan" to help to support the level of growth.

21 Feb 2021

  • Launch day at the end of On Deck's "Global Build Weekend" (11pm GMT).
End of Changelog

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