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This demo page is one template you will find in our toolkit if you decide to sign up, so it’s a real example of the experience you will have. Give it a try below and be Microbrave today…

Microbrave demo template

See the text in the grey box below? You can click in it, edit the text to be how you want it, then copy it to your clipboard ready to paste into your social media platform of choice. Even the emoticons will copy over unharmed! Enjoy 😁
Step 1: click in the box below to edit this Microbrave template
Announcing that starting today I'm going to be building in public 📣 🚀

Excited to take this step and I'm going to try @bemicrobrave to help me do it fearlessly 🦁

--always #buildinpublic & #bemicrobrave
Step 2: copy your edited version
Go to Twitter & paste into a new tweet
Use these tips for extra pointers

Starting anything is hard and so with Microbrave at least, we help you to break down the intimidating "build in public" beast into smaller pieces. Here's one small piece for starters!

It never feels like the right time to announce something - especially when you feel the pressure to commit - so just do it, don't worry about it so much, it's easier than you think.

Keep it fun! Once you get into the swing of it, you will realise that building in public is something you can enjoy along with lots of other makers out there. It's really a community 🙌🏻

Examples in the wild

Check out these example tweets for inspiration
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